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Joseph Masika - Independent Candidate

SA Legislative Council


Policy Platform

My policy platform as an Independent Candidate is based on:

The fact - We are a multicultural society.
The values – Acceptance and respect.
The principle - Equality and humanity are the basis for a ‘’fair go’’ to achieve harmony, cohesiveness, and peace in our multicultural society.
The action – Finding constructive solutions to social and economic issues that acknowledge and address cultural imperatives. Action is guided by Australia’s multicultural policy and principles of engagement where:

  • The benefits of cultural diversity are promoted and celebrated
  • Services are responsive to the needs of our multicultural society
  • The economic, trade and investment benefits of multiculturalism are recognised
  • Governments promote acceptance and understanding of diversity while responding to intolerance and discrimination with strength and force of law when necessary.
  • Engagement and interaction, rather than isolation and exclusion, are acknowledged as pathways to social stability


BIOGRAPHYJoseph Masika Independent Candidate

SA Legislative Council

Dr. Joseph Masika has nearly 30 years of community service and has directly contributed to the empowerment and development of women, men and young people in South Australia and overseas.