• joseph

    Changing Perception of Refugees: AMTC now STEMSEL

    STEMSEL stands for Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning.

    In 2009 Dr Joseph Masika had a dream for the African Microchip Training Centre (AMTC), now renamed the STEMSEL Foundation:

    “Refugees can give, not just take!”

    After a few years some of the refugee youth mentor by Dr Masika have worked tirelessly with the STEMSEL University interns to bring in International student money to SA last month!

    In 2014 the STEMSEL Foundation University interns and refugees brought in $4 million worth of International student money to Adelaide!

    Dr Masika’ work can also be seen in Victor Harbour! A STEMSEL University intern Matt Gear from Flinders University has started a STEMSEL Club at the Encounter Lutheran College with the help of a student’s mother Dr Lara and the College Principal.

    Sign up today! Download brochure here.