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    Policy Statement: It is a fundamental human right for all people to be provided with access to health care services, appropriate information and support regarding their health and well-being. Barriers which can often prevent disadvantaged and vulnerable persons from accessing such information or receiving appropriate medical support, should be removed.

    Policy Platform:

    • Establish trans-cultural specialists in mental health; palliative care; and geriatric services, especially in the treatment of dementia.
    • Restore private medical insurance rebates and other incentives to reduce dependence on public health systems.
    • Increase investment into culturally appropriate medical training so that medical personnel are well equipped to provide services to our multicultural communities.
    • Aggressively market our capacity and skills to attract overseas students and practitioners.
    • Access to health services for refugees and migrants who settle in rural and remote regions by restoring regional hospital facilities, including incentives to private investors and operators.
    • Incentives for medical personnel from Australia and overseas to practice in rural and remote areas, and in areas with high migrant populations.
    • Scholarships to medical students which are tied to specific practice periods in rural and remote areas