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    Industry & Trade

    South Australia’s economic, trade and investment benefits of multiculturalism must be recognised and well promoted.

    Policy Statement: SA must diversify its industrial and trade base to increase exports and employment. In doing this, the skills and knowledge base of migrants and refugees, many of who come from highly industrialised and agricultural economies, is invaluable but currently a wasted resource.

    Policy Platform:

    • A more aggressive overseas marketing campaign, utilising the language and cultural knowledge of migrants, will increase exports of prime South Australian wine, grain and other agricultural products.
    • Utilise the skills and cultural knowledge of migrants to promote Australia and its economy overseas through chambers of commerce and other like entities
    • Support the mining sector to find and secure long term supply contracts and joint ventures with foreign investors.
    • Support foreign investment in South Australian primary industry while protecting our resources through licensing or leasing arrangements rather than land sales.
    • Incentives for foreign start-ups especially in technological, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Incentive basis would be scaled according to extent of local labour employed.
    • Incentives for skilled migration, especially for entrepreneurs and small business operators.
    • Promote and support local automotive parts and spare parts industries to develop links to foreign based automotive manufacturers. This will help to protect against flow-on affects of loss of local vehicle manufactures, and reduce the ability of those manufactures to force government subsidies.