Joseph Masika - Independent Candidate

SA Legislative Council


Policy Platform

My policy platform as an Independent Candidate is based on:

The fact - We are a multicultural society.
The values – Acceptance and respect.
The principle - Equality and humanity are the basis for a ‘’fair go’’ to achieve harmony, cohesiveness, and peace in our multicultural society.
The action – Finding constructive solutions to social and economic issues that acknowledge and address cultural imperatives. Action is guided by Australia’s multicultural policy and principles of engagement where:

  • The benefits of cultural diversity are promoted and celebrated
  • Services are responsive to the needs of our multicultural society
  • The economic, trade and investment benefits of multiculturalism are recognised
  • Governments promote acceptance and understanding of diversity while responding to intolerance and discrimination with strength and force of law when necessary.
  • Engagement and interaction, rather than isolation and exclusion, are acknowledged as pathways to social stability